Church Life


Our Sunday meetings are the time when the whole church family gets together to worship God, learn from the Bible and encourage one another. We’re all on a journey of discovering what it means to follow Jesus


Prayer meetings are a time to seek and listen to God as well as pray for the church, our vision, our town and the people living here and issues in this country and across the world.


This is 2 or 3 people of the same sex, meeting together monthly to encourage and challenge each other through prayer, discussion and accountability. The Bible tells us to keep meeting together (Hebrews 10:25), out of love for each other we encourage and challenge each other to be more like Christ (Romans 12:1-21).

Life groups

Life groups are small groups of between 5-15 people that meet in peoples’ homes midweek.

They are a great opportunity to meet together and discuss further the content of a talk from the previous weeks. The groups are very social and often involve food, games and fun.